Coffee yarn

Fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world. Until the day that we can break the laws of physics and make something from nothing, we must choose progress.

Rens is committed to this journey.

Read on to see how.


100% recycled upper made from coffee & recycled plastic

Completely recycled waterproof membrane

Fully recycled polyester sock liner on removable insole

BPA-free high-performance midsole

All-natural rubber outsole

cool, but why?

Using recycled materials makes better shoes. Period.

That being said, plastic pollution and food waste present real problems that we can help combat.

1,000,000 plastic bottles are purchased every minute.

Plastic bottle

1,000,000 plastic bottles are purchased every minute.

6,000,000 tons of coffee waste go into landfills every year.

Coffee cup

6,000,000 tons of coffee waste go into landfills every year.

The methane emitted from coffee waste alone adds up to the equivalent emissions of 10 million cars.

Car X 1000

The methane emitted from coffee waste alone adds up to the equivalent emissions of 10 million cars.

We are committed to doing something about that.

Every pair of Rens is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles and 150 grams of coffee waste.




Coffee yarnCoffee grounds

If food waste was a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.

Like all organic waste, when coffee is disposed of in landfills, it creates a perfect breeding ground for methane, a 28x more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

For most coffee waste, the landfill is its only destination.

Every pair of Rens diverts 21 cups worth of coffee grounds from those landfills and uses them to make the best damn sneaker material on the planet.

Does utilizing coffee solve all of the problems associated with food waste?

Of course not, but by looking at the materials we use in a new way, we can not only reduce our impact but also unlock the full potential of these amazing materials beyond their initial purpose.

Coffee yarn

Recycled plastic

upper | lining | sock liner

Plastic bottlePlastic bottle

Coffee is only part of the equation. The world is drowning in single-use plastic. Finding new ways to recycle it will be key to tackling the problem of plastic.

That’s why materials from over 6 recycled plastic bottles go into making every pair of Rens.

By using recycled plastic (rPET), we lower the CO2 emissions generated by our upper's construction by 79% compared to virgin polymers used in most athletic footwear.

person holding handful of plastic mould
natural rubber
person holding handful of plastic mould

Derived from a milky sap-like material collected from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, this entirely natural product has a significantly lower impact on the environment compared to its synthetic, petrochemical counterpart.

Sustainable by nature, this sap is harvested without harming the tree itself. Additionally, natural rubber is only used on the toe, arch, and heel to maximize traction where you need it while minimizing materials where you don't.


Using a low-heat, low energy process, that's how.

Used coffee grounds are processed and mixed with recycled plastic pellets to create a polymer thread to create our minimalistic silhouette.

Sustainability isn’t just a feature, it makes the features

Utilizing recycled materials is more than just a selling point, it is the source of all of our features.

We are driven to create bold looks that aren't just built for sustainability.

They are built by it.


Fights odor | ANTIBACTERIAL | quick-dry

Coffee groundsCoffee grounds

This innovative fiber contains tiny micro-pockets that trap unpleasant odors.

Additionally, this material is naturally antibacterial, creating a hostile environment for the bacteria that creates the odors, to begin with.

On top of smelling fresh, our coffee yarn dries 200% faster than traditional athletic apparel, keeping your shoes dry inside and out.

Go ahead and jump in puddles. That's what waterproof shoes are for, right?


durability | flex | performance

male model wearing rens coffee sneakers classic white

Coffee isn't the only recycled material bringing real benefits to the party. Using recycled PET not only drastically extends the life cycle of this typically single use-material but really it just builds a better shoe.

This material is ultra-flexible and super durable to bring you all the benefits of a high-performance, street-ready textile with no virgin materials required.


These two materials combine to make all of the textiles in our upper.

Coffee brings the features. Recycled plastic brings the flex and durability.

Both create a sneaker built for your environment.

Rens coffee sneaker - Rebel black on top of plastic bottleRens coffee sneaker - Rebel black on top of plastic bottle

all-in-one recycled

slimmer | sleeker | more efficient

Rens coffee sneakers - Rebel white on top of rens shoe boxRens coffee sneakers - Rebel white on top of rens shoe box

Every order ships in a 100% recycled cardboard box that pulls double duty as both our shipping container and shoe box for all single orders.

By eliminating the bulky outer shipping container, we cut waste for you at home and lighten our footprint for more efficient shipping.

Who knew cardboard could be so exciting?

local shipping

from a warehouse near you

It's not just the product, the process matters too.

With an ever-expanding network of warehouses in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond, we are shrinking our footprint by finding the most carbon-efficient ways to deliver your sneakers to you.

By utilizing warehouse hubs that are close to customers, we can ship slow and deliver fast. Better for the environment and a better customer experience for you, overall.



You shouldn’t have to choose between style and the environment. You deserve sustainable shoes that you want to wear because they look great and feel great. That's why Rens is committed to produce design-driven, feature-rich footwear that's sustainable by default.

Rens coffee sneakers - Stealth BlackRens coffee sneakers - Stealth Black

You've read our journey toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

Now, take a step forward and try Rens for yourself.