At Rens, we're building a new footwear generation made from the world's most advanced technologies and sustainable materials.

Like all of us living in the era of fast-fashion, we too are frustrated with the insane amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. We believe that by combining sustainable materials with technology and style, we can create the world's best sneaker, without wasting precious resources from our planet.

Above all, Rens' mission is to create a great pair of sneakers designed to take the next generation of dreamers and world-changers anywhere they want to go.

Our Team

Rens is headquartered in beautiful downtown Helsinki, Finland. We are a diverse group of freethinkers who know the value of different perspectives working toward a common goal. Coming from different countries all over the globe, our team intimately understands that the world doesn’t end at our doorstep.

Meet Rens Team