Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain. If you are like us and were not familiar with Valencia before, it’s in the Eastern coast of Spain and was founded in the year 138 B.C by Romans. Let me say that again. Year 138. Before Christ. So, it has some serious history to tell. Of course, the RENS team didn’t go there just to enjoy all the great stuff the city has to offer. Instead of cuddling on the sofa with our loved ones, special friends and cats and dogs (why not!) for Valentine’s day, we flew to Valencia to shoot a video (and photos) with a few amazing locals. Why? Well, you just can’t find that kind of scenery here in wintery Finland.


Because we had a limited schedule and a lot of stuff to film, our filming days were intense, to say the least… As international as our team is, after getting used to Nordic culture and schedules, we were a bit freaked out about how laid back and fun to be around our local teammates. It made the whole shoot a lot more fun! The shoot of which the first location was one of the most amazing ones you can find, “Mirador del Garbi” or Garbi viewpoint. This place, which is around 40 minutes drive from Valencia downtown, is an amazing cliff/rock formation peaking the mountain area, with the highest viewpoint being about 2000 feet (or 600 meters) high!

rens photoshoot on the cliff

Displaying RENS in a worthy way… on top of a mountain.

Hiking there was a bit of a challenge, but fortunately, RENS sneakers took the win. The views were memorable, and for all the travelers out there, take note of this place!


Our second main location was (finally!) the beach El Carmen. This place is quite close to the Valencia center, and with a car, you can get there in around fifteen minutes. Even though we had to wake up at 4:30 AM to catch the sunrise, and although that the water in January is not exactly swimming temperature, the one-of-a-kind sunrise we witnessed was all worth it.

Valentine’s day vibes weren’t fully forgotten.

Running through the sand and water all day was a big real-life test for our sneakers since we have worked hard to make them completely waterproof. The good news is that they passed the test with flying colors!

Even though the mood was, well, sleepy, at this point, the tapas we got after this gave us the motivation we needed to push through.


After finishing the shooting and sleeping for approximately 15 hours straight, we had some time to actually get to know Valencia. At this point, I can say that if you’re looking for a destination to go to that is beautiful, warm, has both city & landscapes, and a lot to do, Valencia should already be in your bucket list! And don’t forget the food. The city has a dish named after it, Paella Valenciana, which is definitely worth trying. And if you're not into meat, there are plenty of tapas choices without it.
Besides our main shooting locations, Valencia has a lot more to offer right in the heart of the city. We went to Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias or “The City of Arts and Sciences” located near the center of Valencia. It is a series of incredibly futuristic and attention-stealing buildings such as a theater, museum and an aquarium with really an abundance of things to see.

View from the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

The city of arts and sciences offers something unique and eye-catching, but the true charm of Valencia is its old town known as El Carmen, where we were staying and shooting as well. The old town has loads to see, such as historical monuments (how many churches can a city have?) moody marketplace, cozy alleys and plenty more.

The street we spent hours looking for. A street called Carrer de la Bosseria, if you’re wondering.

Funny story about the photo above. We were hunting for that exact street for a photo shoot based on a Google image search for hours. Frustrated, after asking from locals, intense mapping and a few grey hairs later we found the place. Literally 10 feet from our hotel entrance. Our amazing situational awareness aside, it even exceeded expectations!

We didn’t write a blog about our trip to Spain just for fun. It was a business trip, but the moments where you have to dare yourself and be adventurous are the ones that make life most exciting and memorable! We believe this is a message worth spreading, and it’s what RENS is all about!

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