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Who says eco-friendly has to be boring?

Made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic 

Stand out.
Reclaim your environment.

Water poured on Rens sneaker to check, waterproof

100% waterproof

Footwear that fears no forecast.
A coffee-infused liner creates an impermeable seal that remains incredibly breathable.


Shoes that stay as fresh as you do. Naturally odor-absorbant and antibacterial coffee yarn eliminates odors for the shoe’s entire life-cycle.


Changing the shoe game with upcycled materials. Used coffee grounds combine with recycled plastic for a footwear material that is both durable and sustainable.

Rens in the news

"Concerned about their environmental impact, they couldn’t find sustainably made sneakers they found stylish and affordable. So they made some."
"Rens aims to create a fashion brand for young people around the globe with the goal of protecting the environment and sustainability values as the default conditions."
"Even if you're not planning on hiking through a stream or working up a sweat, you can wear the sleek, laceless sneakers to your casual office or a lunch with friends."
"These cool kicks are a fascinating blend of waste materials, put to good use."